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Salomé “Blame Me” prod. Snowgoons [Audio]

Salomé is a solo vocalist and producer breaking boundaries and creating a disrupt from Switzerland. Teaming up with New York based label Nah BroEntertainment, which is notorious for releasing underground hip hop artists, this beauty is not afraid to break the rules. Salomé is showing the music industry that you can be a badass while hitting a high note, literally. In an industry filled with one dimensional artist, this lyricist stands out for her versatility. She transcends all music genres and refuses to conform and be labeled. She’s a little street, a little Jazz, but has the ability to bellow Opera music over all that noise that dictates how she should be defined. She may not be listening, but she is certainly singing.

Her newest single Blame Me certainly reflects her inventive mind as she teamed up with the Snowgoons. She has been working and touring with the German production team for over 6 years but for the first time she releases a solo song produced by the GoonsSnowgoons fans may know her from the classic Cardiac Rhythm ft. Sean Strange where her vocals dominate the chorus. The song Blame Me is a premiere in the underground scene since the Snowgoons have never produced a single for a female singer. A great combination of powerful vocals with a head knock hip hop feel. The lyrics tell a relatable story of constant let down, betrayal and of its acceptance.

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