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About TheBeeShine

Bryan Scheiner was founded in 2010 by Bryan Scheiner, originally from southern New Jersey. Growing up with an appreciation for rap music, and later hip hop culture, his first exposure to hip hop began in the mid-90s. When the Internet took off in the late 90s, Bryan searched for as much rap music he could find, as early as the 80s, and much of it being the “underground”, independent scene. He even began rapping as a hobby in high school and practiced the craft with respect to the greats that paved the way. In 2007, Bryan linked up with Remsa under the group name weatherPROOF, and has released two albums, Metropolis and Dirty Naturals.

Upon filming interviews to birth TheBeeShine, the initial goal for Bryan was to interview his favorite 90s rappers and hear their perspective on how hip hop culture has affected their lives. As Bryan often visited New York City, he became exposed to many contributors of hip hop from much earlier than the 90s. With each interview, he learned more interesting and compelling facts about the culture itself, that he could not resist diving deeper in the the culture’s early history. With many of hip hop’s true pioneers from the 70s and 80s willing to tell their story of how neighborhood activities developed into a worldwide phenomenon, Bryan made it a priority to capture these moments and bring you Check out Bryan’s featured article in the Village Voice.