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macj – au revoir [Instrumental]

au revoir” by Krakow based Polish producer macj is one of the first pieces he made for the “macj” album. macj adds: “the literal translation of the title from French is “goodbye” which I felt fits quite nicely with the whole vibe of the song. The dramatic sound of the choir and strings mixed with jazzhop drums paints a picture of the inevitable end of the moment, love or life. This composition differs from the others, as its drum rhythm doesn’t remind the typical chillhop drum pattern, yet it fits within the hip hop beat making craft.”
macj has been releasing quite a few instrumental singles lately. “au revoir” being the 9th release for his upcoming instrumental album. Also have a listen to his previous singles (from new to old), “the prettiest girl“, “miss the sun“, “u broke my soul“, “goodlove“, “patricia“, “things end“, “heartbloom” and “cigarettes with u“.
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