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Sahtyre “Numb” ft Trizz [Audio Stream]

With the new single “Numb”, Los Angeles rapper Sahtyre gives a first taste of his forthcoming EP “The Gorgeous Darkness”. Joining Sahtyre on the single as guest feature is fellow L.A. rapper Trizz and the song is produced by Sxlxmxn.

Sahtyre shares “Everyday as we struggle to understand our own feelings we’re bombarded with millions of subliminal messages designed to make us feel other people’s feelings. Then we self-medicate to feel a different way. Then we’re told the way we’re feeling is wrong and next thing you know we’re given drugs to make us feel an entirely different way. Feelings on feelings on feelings… to it all, I’ve become numb”.

“The Gorgeous Darkness” EP will be released on March 30th via Below System Records.

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