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Rayne Storm “Off My Corna” feat. Loudpack Dash [Audio]

With 2020 proving to be a year of protest and revolution, songs that inspire movement are more relevant now than ever. Rayne Storm contributes to the cause with “Off My Corna“, a F.U. of a response to overactive policing. “Off My Corna” is reminiscent of NWA‘s “Fuck The Police” with a 2020 twist. The rebellious chorus and defiant lyrics of the verses by Rayne and featured artist Loudpack Dash provide an anthem for anti-police brutality, an audio backdrop for the fight back. Rayne Storm‘s production shines on this standout track, one of the lead singles from his upcoming album “Uptown Baby“. 

Rayne Storm is a rapper and producer from Harlem, NY best known for his “Storms Coming” mixtape which featured the single “My Salvation“. Gaining notoriety on the internet during the rise of artists like Soulja Boy in the mid 2000’s, Rayne used technical and marketing wit to rise to the top of charts on early music websites like Soundclick, Jamwave and He later returned with the Supreme EP, his first official release on major streaming services and a slew of mixtapes including old and new material. He is currently preparing the release of “Uptown Baby” his first full length official release and long awaited debut album. The album is set to have features by Mickey Factz, Stan Spit, Herb McGruff, Verse, Buck Madoff, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and many more New York legends and rising stars. 

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