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Blak-Ram – Green For Dafur [Audio]

Blak-Ram drops an epic new track “Green for Darfur” explaining the history of the Darfur genocide that was first reported in the early 2000s.

The track details some of the atrocities that have occurred during the conflict including an audio clip of a survivor’s story, taken from the Independent film “Revolution from Afar” by American film maker Bentley Brown

The song goes beyond the current violence and explores the colonial origins and annexation of the sultanate into the empire of the imperialists. The war criminals fates are discussed in the closing bars of the song. The strong lyrical narrative is complimented by the hard-hitting beat that was produced by NileRhythmik, who also recently linked up with Blak-Ram for “Rise In The Struggle” Remix which dropped at the end of 2022.

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