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2nd Generation Wu “7.O.D” [Audio]

Introducing 2ndGenerationWU, consisting of PXWER (Son of Method Man), SUNGOD (Son of Ghostface Killah), Y.D.B (Son of Ol‘ Dirty Bastard) and iNTeLL (Son of U-God).

They’ve spent years perfecting their crafts navigating the many chambers of life. Growing up amidst an artistic movement that grew to become an international, cultural and musical way of life for millions. 

Now their time has come, swords sharp and ready to decapitate lyrically if you still haven’t protected ya neck yet guess what it still isn’t safe. These young kings have formed like a perfect fusion of Hip Hop royalty over production elegantly crafted by JJP & J.Glaze.

This 1st Single 7.O.D is the thunder to prepare people for the lightening to follow. The 2nd Generation WU Album crafted by DockStreetRecords Executive Ettorei Mazzei is the beginning of the Wu-Dynasty.

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