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Ill Poetic Entire Discography + All Merchandise // 40% OFF SALE.

Ill Poetic says…

If you’ve remained subscribed to my newsletter this long, I take it you either enjoy what I share, are too indifferent to unsubscribe, or have no clue I even exist as these newsletters toil away in the ethers of your promotions folder. I also take it that my music at some point brought you here. There’s an even greater chance that music was downloaded or purchased on my Bandcamp Page.

TODAY: Friday, July 3 I am offering my discography and all merchandise at 40% OFF exclusively on Bandcamp. This includes all vinyl, CDs, shirts and posters. Stock is extremely limited on many of these items so take advantage THIS FRIDAY ONLY.

I rarely offer sales on my discography but the good folks at Bandcamp will be waiving all fees and I want to match their generosity with this HUGE SALE.

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