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Tokyo Cigar “The Dark Night Rises” (Music Video)

Brand new video from Maryland Producer/Emcee Tokyo Cigar titled “The Dark Night Rises” taken from his recently released EP “Megaman Theory 3” which available now on Bandcamp:

01.) Everything After Birth
02.) Thanos and Russell Simmons (Part 2)
3.) Egg Friend Rice Era
4.) Tangerine
5.) The Dark Night Rises
6.) Antoine From The Bronx
7.) The River Phoenix

“My demon walked into the room with a measured, casual strut. Sauntering into my line of sight with nary a regard for my comfort. It sat down and thickened the atmosphere with an unflinching gaze. As I sat there staring at it, I was struck by the realization that beneath it’s gargantuan air of menace, it was actually more scared of me than I was of it. Rather than becoming emboldened by this thought, I felt more compassionate. I wondered how tired it’s legs were from carrying the weight of intangible traumas for years vigilantly.

Rather than trying to banish it, I instead reached out my hand for a dap and said “peace.” We then spoke, for hours. Discussing fragments of memories that were faded but still felt alive and vivid dramas that play in wide screen, high definition experience every time they were summoned. This EP is the result of those conversations.” – Tokyo Cigar

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