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LJGOLD – Motel 6 [Video]

These have been trying times for artists and songwriters, but Oakland, California rapper LJGOLD managed to stay productive and proactive in these difficult days. He has recently been busy creating new music, so now he is back at it and ready to drop some new jams out there, LJGOLD’s new single, “Motel 6”, is a perfect taste of his personality and creativity. This new song is the ultimate expression of the artist’s creativity.

Not only is it masterfully produced, but it also feels incredibly forward-thinking and rewarding, going for a lush, one-of-a-kind textural background that suits the melodic backbone of the beat really well. The instrumental is balanced, and it really allows LJGOLD to stand out with some incredibly diverse tones. “Motel 6” is an impressive calling card for the artist, and it is an astonishing collection of skills and innovative sounds that will show the world what LJGOLD is really all about.

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