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LiKWUiD & 2 Hungry Bros “Illfayted” ft DJ Evil Dee [Official Video]

In Celebration of National DJ Day, we release this video to give a shout out to DJs across the globe who love the feel, sound and nostalgic energy of vinyl.

In the dark future music is confined by the digital age and a shortage of quality tunes, vinyl is now a rare luxury. Follow our music lover (Deep) on the search for his next fix. Watch his journey thru a series of gatekeepers (Ben Boogz, Pso, LiKWUiD) before ultimately meeting the Boss (DJ Evil Dee). National DJ Day is celebrated every January 20, and was founded to recognize Moondog aka Albert James Freed.

Pick up the limited edition vinyl “illfayted” 45-inch single today from Germany’s ORIGU here:

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