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DJ 2 Tone Jones – The Curry Out feat. Uptown XO, Let The Dirt Say Amen & Kenilworth Katrina [Video]

What happens when you take 3 of the illest MCs in DC and put them together on a track? You get taken to The Curry Out.

The Curry Out is the first offering from DJ 2-Tone Jones’ highly anticipated album project called Contraband from India. The track features Uptown XO and Let The Dirt Say Amen at the peak of their game going back and forth on the mic, and the gifted Kenilworth Katrina tying it all together on the hook. Drew Dave laced the beat and gave it the ultimate DC touch by using vocal samples from the legendary DJ Kool. Peep the video for the new single, which is now available on all major platforms.

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