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Dice One – Spitcent Van Flow feat. A-F-R-O and C-Lance [Video]

After nine years of ‘radio silence’, Dice One has emerged with his brand new single ‘Spitcent Van Flow’ featuring A-F-R-O, and with C-Lance on production.

A grimy back drop via C-Lance’s beat creates the perfect landscape for both emcees to flow seamlessly, showcasing their un-doubtable talent.

Whilst exploring themes of artistry in lyricism and hip hop purism, Dice One also felt a deep inspiration and connection from this track to Vincent Van Gogh.

As the history books say, Vincent Van Gogh was a 19th Century painter who did most of, and arguably his best work over the course of a couple years near the end of his life, as he descended into madness. The tales of his dedication and strict practices in his art, inspired a lyrical alter-ego to emerge….Spitcent Van Flow. 

Dice One said:

Anyone can paint, but they’re not Van Gogh. The same thing applies to hip hop and Spitcent Van Flow. I’m not descending into madness, or dying, but I am no spring chicken as they say. I do plan on everything I release to be masterful, and a true contribution to hip hop.”

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