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Basic Vocab – Straight Kemistry [Video]

Basic Vocab is a Hip Hop group hailing from the sunshine state of Florida. Consisting of MC’s Mental Growth and JL Sorell, with production from Square4, their style has been described as a mix of old and new school Hip Hop, with undertones from the golden era of the 1990s.

Basic Vocabs 2006 release “The General Dynamic” contained the hit single “Come get with it”, (produced by Square4) which was featured on HBOsEntourage and thus introducing the world to the group.

In 2010, Basic Vocab released their sophomore effort “A Better Way” containing the hit singles “Keep it Simple” featured on HBOs Crashing and “Just Dance” featured on HULU’s Random Tropical Paradise.

Basic Vocabs new EP release “Straight Kemistry” is a multifaceted journey through Hip Hop at its core. From vintage boombap style sounds in the lead single “Night Time”, to club flavored gems like “In the Sky”,Basic Vocab is laying the groundwork for bringing back the style of music that so many love and yearn for.  

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