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Spoonie Gee Interview

Spoonie Gee is an emcee from Harlem, NY. He wrote poetry as a kid and was inspired to rap after hearing a tape by DJ Hollywood. His first recording, “Spoonin’ Rap”, came from meeting Peter Brown of Sound Of New York Records in a record store. Spoonie was a founding member of the Treacherous Three, alongside L.A. Sunshine and Kool Moe Dee. When Peter approached Spoonie about recording, Spoonie went to find L.A. and Moe Dee to record as a group. Since he couldn’t find them in the neighborhood, he recorded without the others. Special K later took the third emcee position in the Treacherous Three. Spoonie’s first official release was the single “Love Rap” on Enjoy! Records, and is noted as the first ever solo rap artist. He recorded “Spoonie’s Back” on Sugarhill Records then went to Tuff City Records and recorded “That’s My Style”, directed at Schoolly D. Spoonie’s debut album, The Godfather Of Rap, was released in 1987, produced by Marley Marl and Teddy Riley. In the 90s, a compilation, Godfather Of Hip Hop, was released, followed by The Boss Is Back EP in the mid-2000s.

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