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Positive K Interview

Positive K is an emcee from the Bronx, NYC. His grandmother lived across the street from Echo Park, where DJs like Grandmaster Flash performed. Being too young to stay out late, K listened from the window. He joined a group called The Almighty God Committee. The name Positive K was shortened from Positive Knowledge Allah as a Five Percent Nation member. K’s first record in 1986 landed on the compilation album Fast Money with Rob Base on the B-side. In 1992, Positive K released his only album, The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills, produced by Jazzy Jay, Big Daddy Kane, Silver D, L.G., and Laz-E-Laz. He is most popular for the hit song “I Got A Man”. Positive K has also appeared on Brand Nubian’s album, One For All, and on Grand Puba’s album, Reel To Reel.

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