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GrandMixer DXT & Baby T Interview

GrandMixer DXT is a turntablist and DJ from the Bronx, NY. He began spinning records around 1975 after attending DJ Kool Herc shows in the parks. While Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash were the three most influential DJs, DXT used his friends’ equipment to DJ at house parties. DXT had a crew in high school, the Inifinity Squad, and later formed the Baby Herculords with Shahiem, DJ Rob, City Boy, Bingo Rock, Baby T, and Baby Ace. DXT became DJ at The Roxy and we started a no-skate night on the weekends. It became an international event for actors, entertainers, and other celebritites to hang out. This led to an overseas tour and a record deal with Celluloid Records. DXT is widely known for using the turntable as a live instrument, as well as his technique of altering the pitch of a record. While spinning at The Roxy, he was approached to feature on a Herbie Hancock record. The single was called “Rockit” and DXT has been credited for popularizing scratching from his early work.

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