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Grand Wizard Rasheen Interview

Grand Wizard Rasheen is an emcee, DJ, and dancer from Philadelphia, PA. He became a DJ in 1978 and started “soul stepping” around the same time. With lots of dancers in Philadelphia, many crews would battle one another at jams, one of which Rasheen met Bahamadia when she only danced. Rasheen was featured soul stepping on kids shows such as “Dancing On Air” from 1981-1987. New York City dancers would even travel down to compete. Rasheen is influental in teaching Will Smith how to rap and teaching DJ Cash Money how to cut. Cash would visit DJ Jazzy Jeff afterwards and show him the same techniques. Rasheen is noted as the first DJ to dance and mix at the same time, as well as perform routines with body parts other than his hands. He created cuts that were named by others as “Transformer” and another cut on his own, “The Vibrator”. Currently, Rasheen is a member of the group Elements Of Hip Hop, alongside DJ Mercury and Mikey D of Main Source. In 2013, Elements Of Hip Hop released the album, Calm Before The Storm.

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