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Silver Fox (Fantasy Three) Interview

Silver Fox is an emcee from Harlem, NY. He began rhyming at age 21 after hearing Melle Mel and The Furious 5. In the late 70s, Fox was a member of The Light Brothers with Mike Nice and Ronnie Ron. Influenced by The Treacherous 3 and The Fearless 4 to form a group, Fox founded the hip hop trio Fantasy 3 in 1983, alongside Charlie Rock and Larry D. In 1983, LL Cool J visited the record shop to look for a record deal. Fox and LL became friendly and would hang out discussing rap and other topics. Fox had established a reputation from battling at parties and clubs around New York. Kool G Rap would visit the after hours spot and the two would battle consistently. The Fantasy 3 released the record “It’s Your Rock” with a remix by OC on the b-side. After the Crash Crew released “On The Radio” with a similar sound, Fantasy 3 recorded “Biters In The City”. Fantasy 3 also recorded “Summer” and “The Buck Stops Here” before the group split. In 1986, Fox moved to Atlantic City, later joining the All Powerful Jam Masters and Da Enterprise. Fox continues to record music as a solo artist.

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