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B-Real (Cypress Hill) Interview

B-Real is an emcee, producer, and actor from Los Angeles, CA. He attended Bell High School where he met Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace before dropping out and forming a group in 1988 with DJ Muggs called DVX (Devastating Vocal Excellence). Ace left for a solo career and DVX changed its name to Cypress Hill. The group’s 1989 demo led to a record deal with Columbia Records in 1991 and the release of their self-titled debut. They became the first Latin rap group to sell platinum and multi-platinum albums. Cypress Hill’s sophomore album, Black Sunday, reached #1 on the Billboard 200 in 1993. The single “Insane In The Brain” became a mainstream hit, leading the album to triple platinum. In 1995, the group released III: Temples Of Boom, which also went platinum. The group’s fourth album, IV, went gold in 1998 with with singles “Tequila Sunrise” and “Dr. Greenthumb”. Since then, Cypress Hill has released several more album and B-Real has released several mixtapes, including The Gunslinger series. His fist solo album, Smoke N Mirrors, was released in 2009. He also spearheads a production company called Audio Hustlaz. B-Real is also very active with his web site The outlet features live shows streamed on the web, where he hosts the shows Dr. Greenthumb, The Smoke Box, and Meditation.

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