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TheBeeShine Cypher #21: DJ Rob Swift, Rodney C, & Reggie Reg

TheBeeShine Cypher #21 was a special session that took place in the birth place of Hip Hop, the Bronx, NY. The DJ providing music and cuts was none other than DJ Rob Swift of the legendary X-Ecutioners turntable crew. The first instrumental was produced by Saint of The Good People and the second was the famous instrumental from the Hip Hop film Wild Style. The two emcees in this cypher, Rodney C and Reggie Reg, were some of the first rappers to ever grace the microphone in this history of Hip Hop, starting in the 1970s. Reggie Reg is a member of the Harlem group Crash Crew which had its first major hit in 1983 called “On The Radio”. Rodney C first started rapping in 1976 as a member of the group Magnificent 7. He appeared in the 1981 quintessential Hip Hop film Wild Style in 1983 by rapping with his partner KK in the duo Double Trouble. Most notably, Rodney was a member of the Funky 4 + 1, the first Hip Hop group to receive a recording deal, the first group to perform live on national TV, and the first group with a female emcee, MC Sha-Rock. The Funky 4 + 1 performed on Saturday Night Live in 1981, hosted by Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie. Bringing these early emcees together for TheBeeShine Cypher is a historic moment and important part of American history. Check it out!

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