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TheBeeShine Cypher #17: DJ Los, B-Def, Reddbone, Axle, Alius Pnukkl, & Jackfrost

In 1988, DJ Los became the first artist in Detroit history, along with E-Z B, to release a full-length Hip Hop album. He’s been credited as one of the city’s influential pioneers and continues to DJ, produce and release new music. In TheBeeShine Cypher #17, Los was accompanied by some of the other major pioneers in Detroit like B-Def, Reddbone, Alius Pnukkl (Almighty Dreadnaughtz), and Jackfrost, as well as up-and-comer Axle. Check out Cypher #17 and let us know who had the best verse!

In order of appearance: DJ Los, B-Def, Reddbone, Axle, Alius Pnukkl, & Jackfrost.

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