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Wordsmith “Perspective Jukebox” [Album] + “The Statement” [Official Video]

The concept for Wordsmith’s new album Perspective Jukebox was to create a collection of high caliber records where each song would stand alone as a single with substance. By avoiding the structural boundaries of a concept album Wordsmith has freed his creative focus to craft a project that is current, profound and uniquely his own. The songs on Perspective Jukebox cover many aspects of today’s world as viewed through Wordsmith’s lens, all while retaining his style and remaining motivational and purpose driven.

Every song in a jukebox is supposed to be a hit, so Wordsmith set out to make each record on Perspective Jukebox a potential single worthy to share. Wordsmith invites you to step up to his Perspective Jukebox, press play, then prepare to move and be moved at the same time! Support the album on iTunes here:

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