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St. Joe Louis "Cloud Club" Everything

St. Joe Louis “Cloud Club / Everything” (Album Stream)

As a follow up to their 2012 released collaborative EP with German production duo JR&PH7 and NJ’s Brokn Englsh titled “My Favorite Demons” on Soulspazm, NJ/LA trio St. Joe Louis return with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything.” For the unacquainted, St. Joe Louis are a group comprised of producer/emcee Elete Wright, and two MC’s Michael Cardigan and Tom Chase. After multiple smoke filled studio sessions, debaucherous all night parties, St. Joe Louis actually found some time to craft a 12 track project, which consequently birthed the social movement “The Cloud Club.”

The album features lead single “I Rise” featuring Nemo Achida, the stunning “Step Brothers,” send up “Pony Boy (Stay Golden)” and anthem “Powdered Gold” anchoring a world of placing your dreams first. “Cloud Club/Everything” has minimalist production, includes Dolla (Brick Bandits), Ezrakh and Elete Wright.

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