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Own Lane Music Presents… “Stay In Your Lane Vol. 1” [Pre-Order]

Pre-order on Bandcamp. Own Lane Music presents ‘Stay In Your Lane Vol 1’ a compilation of unreleased gems, loosies and notable features. This album has incredible tracks and appearances from EMS, Artifacts, Charlie Clips, Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother), Chris Rivers, DNA, Deacon the Villain (of CunninLynguists) & more.


1. The Beginning Ft Rapper Big Pooh & M-Dot (Prod. by Pause Beats) 03:44
2. This That Work Ft Rev (of EMS) (Prod. by Cool FD)
3. Born To Win Ft Mayhem, Alyssa Marie, Rev & Deacon the Villain (Prod. by LX Beats Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
4. The Empathy (Remix) Ft M-Dot (of EMS) (Prod. & Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
5. Cause & Effect Ft Artifacts, Big Joker & Rev (Prod. by LX Beats Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
6. Corner Fast Ft W.O.K.E. (Lateb & Oblivious) (Prod. by Jon Glass)
7. Thin Line Ft M-Dot (of EMS) (Prod. by Gajos)
8. True To The Core Ft Charlie Clips, Mayhem, Benefit & One Mic (Prod. by Explizit One)
9. My World Ft M-Dot (of EMS) (Prod. by Agent Dan Cuts by Lp2)
10. Walk Away Ft Meta P, Desco & BugOut (Prod. by Quiz)
11. Today (Remix) Ft EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem, Rev, Benefit & Undu Kati) (Prod. & Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
12. Paris Gates Ft Mayhem (of EMS) (Prod. by Cool FD)
13. Trix Ft EMS (M-Dot, Desco & Kore) (Prod. by Alchi Alsonic)
14. Quality Over Quantity Ft DNA, Benefit & Rev (Prod. by J. Cardim)
15. We Lit (Remix) Ft Chris Rivers, YB Swayze & Co Defendants (Prod. by Live!)
16. CoEfficient Ft Kore (of EMS) (Prod. by Kore)
17. Hell In Your Eyes Ft Undu Kati (of EMS) (Prod. by DC The Midi Alien)
18. The Spittin’ Dead Ft EMS (Rev, M-Dot, Kore, Mayhem, Undu Kati, Benefit & Desco) (Prod. by Soul Infected Cuts by LP2)

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