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ONYX & Snowgoons “Snowmads” [Album]

The Snowgoons have teamed up with Onyx once again to release their new album entitled SnowMadson November 15th. This isn’t the first time the two camps joined forces. Five years ago TheSnowgoons brought Onyx back together to record #WakeDaFucUp, which was named as one of the best Hip Hop albums of 2014 not only by XXL!

Touring together for five years now, performing over 200 shows, Onyx and TheSnowgoons feel like (S)nowmads. They took all that experience and knocked out 15 new bangers for the live show, Onyx style! Mad energy, hardcore sound and over the edge gun talk with guest appearances by BumpyKnuckles aka FreddyFoxxxDope D.O.D.,NemsSickFloKnuckles of NBSFleeLordQuadro and UfoFev.

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