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M-Dot egO anD The eneMy

M-Dot – egO anD The eneMy (Album)

Boston award winning and veteran MC M-Dot paints a lucid world that navigates vivid storyline landscapes & morbid fantasies evoking an undertone that embodies the parallels between pride & fear. The 17 track excursion showcases a genuine tour de force of a conceptually mapped out dream realm trapped in self-reflection. The instrumentation that accompanies M-Dot’s syllable acrobatics is laced by a legendary production dream-team.

Facilitating board work for the traverse incandescent are Hi-Tek, Marley Marl, Large Professor, Buckwild, Khrysis, Marco Polo, Snowgoons & more. ‘egO anD The eneMy’ also maintains classic form with minimal guest-verse offerings, nevertheless when it does….it’s of paramount means. Method Man & Camp Lo partake in the project’s vast imagination almost seamlessly. Rounding out the all-star contributions are DJ JS-1 & 7L on scratch duties. This is part 1…

1. Intro (Prod. By KAN)
2. Dreamscape (Prod. By Marco Polo)
3. Foreign (Prod. By Jon Glass)
4. Days Are All the Same (Prod. By Hi Tek)
5. Chrissy (Prod. By Buckwild)
6. Nomads Ft. Krumb Snatcha (Prod. By Khrysis) (Cuts By DJ DJaz)
7. The Empathy (Prod. By Large Professor)
8. Gleamin’ Ft. B.A.M (Prod. & Cuts By Marley Marl)
9. Give It To Me (Prod. By Jon Glass)
10. Fugazzi Ft. Jaysaun (Prod. By LX Beats)
11. No Excuses (Prod. By Snowgoons) (Cuts By DJ JS-1)
12. Shine Ft. Method Man & Dominique Larue (Prod. By Soulplusmind)
13. Meow Mix (Prod. By Jon Glass)
14. True Lies Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca (Prod. & Cuts By LP2)
15. Reliant (Prod. By Whatson) (Cuts By DJ 7L)
16. Death To Raquel (Prod. By Soulplusmind)
17. 911 (Prod. By Es-K)

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