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Junclassic – “The Hope Business” [Album]

The Hope Business album concept has sat in my brain for over 20 years. Initially inspired by the HBO film “Only in America” starring Ving Rhames as Don King, he clarifies his motives as a numbers runner, stating that he is providing the less fortunate with “hope” through their participation in the numbers. As a result, he is “in the hope business.” As i watched that scene it hit me; Hope. Hope is all we have. Especially when times are hard. Uncertain. Like right now. Like yesterday. Like tomorrow…

The funny thing about hope is that it is not always viewed as a good thing. Hope can be very misleading. Hope can make the hopeless complacent. Hope is very self serving. If you peep “Only in America”, you get to see what “The Hope Business” did to Don King. Musically, Recognize Real gave me such a ill cinematic soundbed, I could have made a movie in my sleep. Them beats gave me insomnia. I tried to do something different. And the drums? Reck brought the thunder. This shit knock Bro. “The Hope Business” takes you on a conceptual ride. Get a token. Its gonna get bumpy.

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