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Iceberg Theory & Tokyo Cigar "Philokalia"

Iceberg Theory “Philokalia” ft Tokyo Cigar (Album Stream)

In the Christian monastic tradition, the primary work of the monk is the Liturgy of the Hours. During seven distinct points of the day, bells ring and the monks drop whatever work they are doing to gather in the chapel and pray. Each one of these prayers has its own distinct character and meaning behind it, as well as its affinities with the particular time of day it takes place. “Philokalia” embodies this tradition.

The concept for the album was born when I took a year to join a quasi-monastic, retreat community in rural Minnesota. Before I left, Tokyo Cigar gave me all of the production for the album and the songs we have created come directly out of that experience. Much of the album was recorded on those grounds, in a one room hermitage in the woods, surrounded by pine trees and marshes.

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