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Big Turks “Big Turks” [Album]

BIG TURKS is a concept album, as well as a group that consists of emcees Rome StreetzJamal Gasol and Lord Juco, with Ro Data on the beats, Jordan Commandeur executive producing and Jonny Botsch handling art and design.

The project is based on a ’70s Turkish martial arts film entitled “The Sword And The Claw” (aka Lionman aka Kilic Aslan). To reinforce the theme, all the beats on the album use samples from Turkish folk music, and the lyricists include a plethora of references to Turkish history and culture. Think “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” but with a Middle Eastern spin.

The album includes guest features by Solomon ChildsChong WizardPlanet AsiaO The Great, Rim Da VillinNapoleon Da Legend and Supreme Cerebral. The CD version also includes 3 bonus remixes with production by Halal Cool J (aka Don Leisure), Farazi and S.M.E.K.

Available today (October 18th) on all digital platforms and CD via Below System Records.

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