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B Leafs – The Synopsis feat. Kool G Rap, Skyzoo & Guilty Simpson [Album]

There’s a saying it takes ten years to become an overnight success. Boston producer, B Leafs ambition is to reach that status in 10 songs. “The Synopsis” links with lyricist after lyricist from all over the country, legends to freshmen including Skyzoo, Kool G Rap, Wordsworth, Termanology, Craig G, Guilty Simpson, Supastition, Estee Nack, Rasheed Chappell, Reks and others.

01. Lessons Learned [feat. Supastition & Wordsworth]
02. Do Believe [feat. Skyzoo & Jay Royale]
03. Say It Right [feat. Kool G Rap & Craig G]
04. Take Em To School [feat. 38 Spesh & Termanology]
05. Looking Back [feat. Reks, Rasheed Chappell & Moe Pope]
06. Out The Window [feat. Eto & Guilty Simpson]
07. Matatan [feat. Estee Nack, Codenine, CVV Vino & M-Dot]
08. Ruffian Rap [feat. Revalation, Jamil Honesty & Intel Selektah]
09. Say Grace [feat. Lotus Taylor & Suriel]
10. Back To Action [feat. Dagha, Tim Nihan & Jackie T]

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