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Oktober X – LALA [Audio]

I made the beat for “LALA” months before I wrote any lyrics for it. The soulful vocal melody of the beat was potent, but I wanted to make sure I had a fully contemplated concept for the song’s narrative before I put words to sound. I feel that everyone is in a constant conflict between growth, and their own habits and vices. A big theme of the song is trying to mediate these conflicting desires. Everyone has vices and ways to cope with life in the short term, but everyone also needs to grow and make sacrifices for the sake of long term existence. We’re all lost in our ways to a certain extent, but we keep moving forward to find a path.” Oktober X says about his new single.

Oktober X is a 21 year old Canadian artist, rapper and producer from Calgary, Alberta. He began his lifelong musical journey at the early age of 8 with piano lessons, and eventually translated this musical knowledge into producing and beatmaking, with Hip-Hop being a paramount inspiration for him during his early adolescence. He started writing raps at 15 years old as an outlet to distract himself from his anxiety. Developing his writing and producing skills, he started publicly releasing music in 2018.

Emphasizing growth and progress above all else, Oktober X’s sound is constantly evolving with his own growth as a person. His forward-thinking production seeks to blend different timbres, genres, and aesthetics to create a refreshing product truly unique to himself. His often introspective lyrics touch upon a wide range of subjects such as relationships, nostalgia, substance abuse, and self-actualization.
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