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macj – goodlove & patricia [Audio]

goodlove” is Krakow based Polish producer macj‘s 5th single of his back to back instrumental releases. He says the following about the song: “I made “goodlove” after I heard an unreleased beat on one Discord group. Full drums and a choppy, vibey melody is exactly what I was going for. I used a beautiful sample featuring strings and electric guitar that I later on complimented with energetic drums and a shaker. I wanted to create an image of being in love and generally feeling “good” – that’s where the title comes from. It’s my 5th release (single from an upcoming album) via Below System Records.”

patricia” is a special track to me. It was inspired by a significant person that has been in my life for 3 years already – not for long, but still it feels like way more. Recently I found passion in sampling beautiful sounds containing various organic instruments that provide listeners with special and truly emotional vibes that are topped off with boom-bappy drums. This track dedicated to her features a bright, lovely sample including strings and vocals that create a specific feeling of happiness and joy – exactly what I feel with Patricia” macj adds.

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