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Souls Of Mischief – 30 Years of 93 ‘Til Infinity [Tour Dates]

“This is how we chill from 93 til..” Iconic Bay Area crew, Souls Of Mischief have announced a world tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their era-defining debut LP 93’ Til Infinity.The tour, which boasts the sub-title of Around the world in 93 dates will feature turntable support from the legendary Breakbeat Lou and The Architect.  (Announced European and North American dates appear below).

Blasting off from East Oakland, California Souls Of Mischief includes OpioPhestoTajai and A-Plus.  While embryonic partnerships were formed between members as early as elementary school by the time they finished high school, the Souls aesthetic and polish was complete.  Released on Jive Records in 1993 and catapulted by the title track 93 ‘Til Infinity was an apt metaphor for the album’s enduring appeal.  As of today, artists including Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T., J. Cole and Kanye West have covered with their own versions.

The Souls, along with Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, DJ Tourē, and producer Domino formed the collective known as Hieroglyphics.  As many hip-hop fans around the world will tell you this unique clique of artists have brought their Bay Area vibe across the globe.


FEB 26 Los Angeles, CA

MAR 01 Bristol, UK

MAR 02 Liverpool, UK

MAR 03 Newcastle, UK

MAR 03 Newcastle, UK

MAR 04 Cardiff, UK

MAR 05 Brighton, UK

MAR 06 London, UK

MAR 07 Leamington, UK

MAR 08 Manchester, UK

MAR 08 Manchester, UK

MAR 09 Manchester, UK

MAR 09 Manchester, UK

MAR 10 London, UK

MAR 11 London, UK

MAR 12 Falmouth, UK

MAR 13 London, UK

MAR 15 Rotterdam, NL

MAR 16 Amsterdam, NL

MAR 18 Hamburg, DE

MAR 19 Berlin, DE

MAR 20 Cologne, DE

MAR 21 Dortmund, DE

MAR 22 Munich, DE

MAR 23 Innsbruck, AT

MAR 24 Vienna, AT

MAR 25 Wil, CH

MAR 26 Heidelberg, DE

MAR 27 Helsinki, FI

MAR 28 Copenhagen, DK

MAR 29 Stavanger, NO

MAR 30 Stockholm, SE

MAR 31 Oslo, NO

APR 01 Bergen, NO

APR 02 Arnhem, NL

APR 04 Paris, FR

APR 05 Ghent, BE

APR 06 Lisbon, PT

APR 07 Porto, PT

APR 08 Athens, GR

APR 09 Sofia, BG

MAY 27 Monterey, CA

JUN 13 Toronto, ON

JUN 14 Montreal, QC

JUN 15 Vermont, VT

JUN 16 Greenfield, MA

JUN 17 Cambridge, MA

JUN 19 New York City, NY

JUN 20 Philadelphia, PA

JUN 21 Baltimore, MD

JUN 22 Washington, DC

JUN 23 Asheville, NC

JUN 24 Raleigh, NC

JUN 25 Charleston, SC

JUN 29 West Palm Beach, FL

JUN 30 Orlando, FL

JUL 01 Atlanta, GA

JUL 02 Nashville, TN

JUL 07 Columbus, OH

JUL 08 Ann Arbor, MI

JUL 09 Chicago, IL

JUL 10 Milwaukee, WI

JUL 12 Minneapolis, MN

JUL 14 Kansas City, MO

JUL 15 Louisville, KY

JUL 16 Memphis, TN

JUL 19 Dallas, TX

JUL 20 Austin, TX

JUL 21 San Antonio, TX

JUL 23 Salmo, BC

JUL 27 Calgary, AB

JUL 31 Boise, ID

AUG 02 Bellingham, WA

AUG 03 Vancouver, BC

AUG 05 Victoria, BC

AUG 07 Seattle, WA

AUG 09 Portland, OR

AUG 10 Eugene, OR

AUG 11 Reno, NV

AUG 12 Nevada City, CA

AUG 14 San Francisco, CA

AUG 15 Santa Barbara, CA

AUG 16 Pioneertown, CA

AUG 17 San Diego, CA

AUG 18 Tucson, AZ

AUG 19 Phoenix, AZ

AUG 20 Flagstaff, AZ

AUG 22 Albuquerque, NM

AUG 23 Santa Fe, NM

AUG 24 Durango, CO

AUG 28 Salt Lake City, UT

SEP 02 Los Angeles, CA

SEP 17 Red Rocks, CO

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