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Priest Da Nomad – The Music Ain’t Loud Enough Remake feat. DJ Kool, Team Demo & J. Hill [Video]

In 1986, legendary DJ and DC Hip Hop pioneer DJ Kool released his first hit “Music Ain’t Loud Enuff”, mixing hip hop with DC’s own music art form known as GoGo. DC underground hip hop legend, Priest Da Nomad has teamed up with DJ Kool to remake this classic record with a hard boom bap edge, and is the new single from Priest’s current “Receipts” album. Featuring Team Demo on production and soul/R&B crooner J Hill singing on the hook, Priest has updated this classic record with a new harder edge that thumps for the clubs and stadiums, often where DJ Kool does a lot of his current work. In the midst of so many mundane rap releases, this is a refreshing remake of classic, and is sure to be an anthem for DC area aka DMV (DC, MD, VA) folks and beyond. This song was made for stadiums

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