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The Microphone Prince aka TMP | Interview

The Microphone Prince is an emcee from the Bronx, NY. At age 17, he became the youngest Puerto Rican to sign a solo record deal and had a hit single ranked #2 on WBLS, called “Who’s The Captain”. His records became popular with the help of Kool DJ Red Alert, Chuck Chill out, Mr. Magic and Marley Marl. TMP hosted his own radio show and helped launch careers for DJ Jazzy Joyce and Special Ed. In 1988, Greg Nice introduced TMP to Devastating Tito of The Fearless 4 and the two formed a short-lived group called Young Gunz. In 1992, TMP signed with Polygram and became the first solo Puerto Rican with a record deal. He released the album Trunk Of Funk, produced by OC Rodriguez (Fearless 4) and Charlie Chase (Cold Crush Brothers). TMP’s second single was produced by Marley Marl without any video or promotion. In 1996, TMP formed The Bronx Butcherz with his brother Capitol A who co-wrote and co-produced their album. In 2001, TMP re-connected with Devastating Tito to form Boriquaz 4 Life and recorded an unreleased album, Ghetto Life. In 2012, TMP released his sophomore album, The Lost Art Of Hip Hop, followed by The GodFather Mixtape.

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