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T-Ski Valley Interview

T-Ski Valley is an emcee and DJ from the Bronx, NY. His father was an NYPD officer in Harlem and sang in a group called The Cadillacs. T-Ski’s musical career began at age 14, spanning from reggae to gospel, jazz, and rap. In high school, he met Disco Prince and formed a group as the Erotic Disco Brothers. T-Ski would DJ, but if Prince didn’t show up, then he would also rhyme. He was influenced by the storytelling of Spoonie Gee and inspired to spin DJ routines from Lovebug Star Ski. In 1978, T-Ski was passing out flying and telling Kool Herc that he could rhyme. After a while, Herc gave T-Ski a chance to rhyme at the T-Connection. T-Ski performed his routines with Mercury, Shambu, and Mr. Bee. After being invited back to the T-Connection numerous times, T-Ski joined Herc and they called themselves the Fly Force Emcees. In 1979, T-Ski was the DJ for A.J. & Busy Bee. After graduating from high school, T-Ski began working with reggae producers Brad Osborne and Sir Coxson Dodd and put together Grand Groove Records. T-Ski wanted to record, but Brad let him work in the store for two years before doing so. T-Ski released his first record, “Catch The Beat” in the summer of 1983, but didn’t become popular until 1984. Mr. Magic started playing the song T-Ski was getting booked to perform at Disco Fever.

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