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Prince Whipper Whip (The Fantastic Romantic 5) Interview

Prince Whipper Whip is an emcee from the Bronx, NY. In 1978, he joined the group The Mighty Gestapo Crew, alongside Dot-A-Rock, DJ Kenny B, Count D, and The Funky Phase Four MCs. Whip and Dot-A-Rock battled The Notorious 2 (Grandmaster Caz and JDL) at the Intersession Church in Harlem. Whip and Dot were original members of the Cold Crush Brothers and more well known as members of The Fantastic Romantic 5. The Fantastic 5 released the single “Can I Get A Soul Clap” in 1980 on Tuff City Records. They never recorded an album, but they appeared in the film Wild Style.

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