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Medusa Interview

Medusa is an emcee and motivational speaker from Los Angeles, CA. Growing up pop-locking with the Groove-Atrons, she won Best Female Dancer at The Palladium’s 1st Hip Hop Dance Awards. Medusa began emceeing at age 16 and later improved her talent at the Good Life Cafe and the Project Blowed Workshop. She became the first artist in the Los Angeles hip hop scene to perform with a live band and released her EP, Do It The Way You Feel It. She won a Grammy with the band Ozomatli and has landed film scoring, soundtrack production, and acting in films such as Life Is A Traffic Jam, Gridlock, and Moesha. She wrote, produced, and performed “My Momma Raised a G” for the HBO film, Stranger Inside and appeared in the documentary Freestyle: The Art Of Rhyme. Medusa also speaks at colleges and seminars on the effect of hip hop on children and women, relating to culture and life.

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