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Masta Ace Interview

Masta Ace is an emcee from Brooklyn, NY. In 1988, he joined The Juice Crew, alongside Marley Marl, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, and Craig G on hip hop’s most important posse cut, “The Symphony”. Ace’s first full length album was produced by Marley Marl in 1990, titled Take A Look Around. In 1993, he released the classic album Slaughtahouse. In 1994, Ace became a member of the Crooklyn Dodgers, formed for the release of Spike Lee’s movie, Crooklyn, along with Special Ed and Buckshot. The group recorded the title track of the album soundtrack. In 1995, Ace released another classic album, Sittin’ On Chrome. After releasing two more albums that were connected by storylines, Disposable Arts (2001) and A Long Hot Summer (2004), Ace teamed up with Wordsworth, Punchline, and Stricklin to form the group eMC. The group released an album called The Show in 2008. In 2009, Masta Ace joined forces with Boston rapper Edo G to release Arts & Entertainment. In 2012, Masta Ace released MA Doom: Son Of Yvonne, produced entirely by MF Doom. In addition, a 10th anniversary release of Disposable Arts will be released, featuring new recordings of songs from the album with a live band.

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