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Kool Kyle The Starchild Interview

Kool Kyle The Starchild is an emcee from the Bronx, NY. In 1974 he began dancing as a b-boy alongside Grandmaster Flash, Easy Mike, Butch 2, Case 2, and Kurtis Blow. In 1977, he graduated high school and developed his emcee style with a song by Chic. A mutual friend introduced Kyle to DJ Hollywood and the two met at Club 371. Kyle was offered the microphone to perform and he eventually became a favorite party-rocker throughout the Bronx. Kyle performed at the most popular hip hop venues in the Bronx such as Disco Fever and T-Connection Disco. In 1979, Kyle recorded “Do You Like That Funky Beat?” and became the first solo emcee from the Bronx with a record deal. In 1981, Kyle became the first emcee to perform in a movie. The film is called Downtown 81, starring Jean Michel Basquait and Debbie Harry of Blondie. In 1983, Kool Kyle signed with Profile Records and recorded “Trouble” b/w “The Old School” with Billy Bill, produced by Kurtis Blow.

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