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DJ Fred Ones Interview

DJ Fred Ones is a producer, DJ, engineer, and turntablist from the Bronx, NY. He began learning to DJ at age 11 and is known for making urban, graffiti-designed mixtapes that sold around the world for a decade. Fred was an original member of the graffiti crews OT, TME, and The Hash Crew. His work has been featured in numerous magazines. As a founding member of the hip hop group Sonic Sum, Fred engineered and mixed The Sanity Index LP (1999) and The Plaster Man EP (2002). He’s produced many of Sonics Sum’s songs as well as for Talib Kweli, Akbar, and Mike Ladd. Fred’s solo debut came in 2004 with the album Phobia Of Doors, featuring Akbar, Breez Evahflowin, L.I.F.E. Long, Hangar 18, YazeedLoops, Abyss, Rob Sonic, Vast Aire, Slug (Atmosphere), and more. He currently owns TME Studios in the Bronx where KRS-One, Ice-T, and Just-Ice have recorded, among many others.

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