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B-Fats Interview

B-Fats is a DJ and emcee from Harlem, NY. His mother was a singer with a few groups and even wrote hits for Elvis Presley. With disco being the popular genre of music, bands began to pattern themselves behind it while Fats spun records and his brother played the drums. They threw parties in the 70s and neighbors would pay them to play music in the park. They would visit Queens to see the Disco Twins perform as well as The Sapphire Crew and a then-unknown Kurist Blow. Fats was hired at The Roof Top where the parties were hosted. His brother would perform alongside Grandmaster Flash, The Mercedes Ladies, and DJ Hollywood. Soon after, Fats recorded his biggest hit, “Woppit”, which allowed him to tour for two years and performing it. Joining his tour was Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy. Today, many organizations look to B-Fats as a speaker for The Harlem Children Zone.

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