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The Saurus | Interview

Born in Greece and raised in Monterey Bay, CA, The Saurus is an emcee and arguablly one of the best freestyle battle rappers in history. Beginning in 2001, The Saurus competed in local battle events and earned a reputation for multi-syllabic rhymes and witty comparisons. In 2005, he earned second place at Scribble Jam. In 2006, The Saurus won first place at Scribble Jam, becoming the first champion from California in Scribble’s 11 year history. Soon after, he teamed up with Illmaculate to compete in the JumpOff World Rap Championships. The team was undefeated in the New York division before beating the UK team and receiving global recognition. The Saurus maintained a nine month winning streak at Oakland’s rap battle tournament called Tourettes Without Regrets before returning to the 2007 World Rap Championships with Illmaculate and achieving another victory. In 2008, The Saurus earned first place at Scribble Jam again. The Saurus has adapted to the written battle format and can be seen competing in several leagues around the world. In 2010, The Saurus won the King Of The Dot title match against Hollohan and continues to prove his legacy. In 2011, he released the long-awaited album, All I Know Is That, with production from Chase Moore and features from Illmaculate, Okwerdz, Ness Lee, and more.

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