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MyVerse Interview

MyVerse is an Orlando, FL native as well as an emcee, b-girl, artist, and creative spirit. Growing up, MyVerse began writing poetry at age 12. By 15, she discovered Hip Hop and was strengthened by its culture and spirituality. MyVerse attended military school at age 17 and learned the performance art of Spoken Word. Her passion effortlessly transitioned her into becoming an emcee and motivated her to study journalism. After years of writing, performing, and perfecting her craft, MyVerse was noticed with the increasingly popular rap battle scene. Starting out as a model for one of the brands, she later stepped into the ring and surprised everyone with her aggressive nature and lyricism. She’s since been on some of the biggest rap battle stages like Queen Of The Ring (QOTR) in New York City. MyVerse had the honor of being inducted into the legendary Rock Steady Crew and has been performing with them as an emcee and b-girl for a few years now after gaining the attention from Crazy Legs. In addition, MyVerse has released a group album called Heresy with three other talented women; Carolina Dirty, Dominique Larue, and the legendary Monie Love.

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