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D/R Period talks music industry challenges | Interview

With over 20 years experience as a music producer and working with some of the world’s greatest talent such as Nas, Jay-Z, and M.O.P., the legendary D/R Period sat down with TheBeeShine to share his wisdom about maintaining a successful career in music. “Everybody thinks it’s easy because you’re in the studio making records. That’s not even a third of the job…” explains D/R, as he goes on to say “The challenge is being able to take what you do and make people respect that and buy into it.” Even after years of success, he’s consistently taking meetings to pitch his music for film and other media placements. D/R dispels the myth that once you produce a hit record, you’re set for life. In reality, it becomes more difficult to maintain your music career, because you have to continue topping the last hit. When your value and rates increase, it becomes more difficult to find an artist or company to afford your product. The producers value will fluctuate in order to maintain an income. In this video interview, D/R shares more valuable advice on how to be successful in the music business.

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