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Dr. Butcher Interview

Dr. Butcher is a DJ and producer from Queens, NY. He grew up with JuJu (The Beatnuts) and the two would DJ, rap, and creating mixtapes together. Butcher entered a talent show and formed the group, Extravagant 3, with Royal Rich and LL Cool J. They were introduced to the late producer Paul C and began working together. Butcher produced the song “Soul Survivor” on LL’s album, 14 Shots To The Dome. Large Professor took notice to Butcher’s sound and showed him the SP1200. Butcher later contributed cuts on Kool G Rap’s album, Wanted Dead Or Alive. Since then, Butcher was the main DJ and producer for G Rap, tour DJ for Akinyele, and has contributed production for every X-Ecutioners album. Currently, Dr. Butcher is expected to release Ringtone Madness EP, a collection of vintage tracks.

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