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Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew) Interview

Crazy Legs is a b-boy from the Bronx, NY. He was inspired to dance and become a b-boy from the Rock Steady Crew, which was founded in the late 70s by Bronx b-boys Jimmy Dee and Jimmy Lee. Only the best b-boys were allowed in the crew and you were inducted by battling a current member. Crazy Legs battled his way into Rock Steady Crew by age 12. In 1979, Legs’ family moved to Manhattan and he established a New York City chapter, recruiting second generation members and gaining notoriety by discovering the “continuous backspin”, known as the “windmill”. In 1981, Rock Steady Crew battled The Dynamic Rockers with media coverage that earned them global exposure. By 1983, RSC performed for the queen of England. They featured in the films Wild Style, Beat Street, Style Wars, and Flash Dance, as well as the first hip hop musicals, So! What Happens Now? and Jam On The Groove. In 1991, Rock Steady Crew began celebrating their anniversary dates to preserve the history and evolution of hip hop culture, as well as to honor members of RSC and the hip hop community that have passed away. In addition, Crazy Legs has choreographed music videos for Wyclef Jean and Moby. He co-produced the b-boy documentary, The Freshest Kids. He’s appeared in countless corporate commercials and signed with Fila to develop a sneaker for RSC. The Source magazine honored Crazy Legs with the award for Hip Hop Pioneer in 1994. Currently, Legs volunteers by teaching dance lessons to the youth and he participates in several community outreach programs.
 In 2008, RSC was inducted into the Bronx Walk Of Fame.

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