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TheBeeShine Cypher #2: Punchline, MC White Owl, King Kirk, John Robinson, Akbar, & Rhinoceros Funk

TheBeeShine’s second cypher session was filmed on February 8, 2015. All emcees have a longstanding relationship with the hip hop scene in New York City, some dating back to as early as the 1980s. We also included some commentary on the importance of participating in cyphers and being able to freestyle in order to advance in your craft and career. This beat was produced by Tom Delay Beats. Check out this video and leave a comment on who you think spit the best verse.

In order of appearance: Punchline, MC White Owl, King Kirk (Sporty Thievz), John Robinson (Scienz Of Life), Akbar, & Rhinoceros Funk.

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