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TheBeeShine Cypher #14: DJ Mekalek, Krook Rock, Alipone, 8th, & Swann Notty

TheBeeShine Cypher #14 was held in Providence, RI at Boiler Room Studios. Being such a small city, it was only right to showcase the most active and influential artists from the Rhode Island Hip Hop scene in the 90s. Alipone is the founder of the group FEDD HILL which was notorious, not only for their music, but their guerrilla marketing, flooding the streets with stickers and tags of the group name. 8th is most notable as a producer and one of the first to ever play the MPC live for a beat battle (see his battle against Araabmuzik here). Swann Notty and Krook Rock are long-time emcees, performing for almost two decades. All in all, this is a great representation of the early Hip Hop scene in Rhode Island, along with the legendary DJ Mekalek; producer/DJ of Time Machine that has additionally released mixtapes for over 20 years. Mek switches up the beat halfway into the cypher, with the first one being produced by 8th and the second one produced by Mekalek himself. Check out Cypher #14 and share your thoughts in the comments section!

In order of appearance: Krook Rock, Alipone (FEDD HILL), DJ Mekalek, 8th, & Swann Notty.

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